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[ Getting a good night's sleep is paramount to the enjoyment of any adventure. ]

Download details of the Unightie: our Trekking Nightie prototype.


I like to sleep outside. So I developed a sleeping garment for backpacking for myself. Don't laugh, but I used a white cotton Victorian nightgown complete with embroidery and ruffles! I love cotton and, as long as I didn't get it wet, it was perfect. In fact when it was raining cats and dogs on the Chilkoot Trail, I actually took it off to go out to pee in the night!


On a hut trip with strangers, I realized that my nightie could function as a portable cabana. I simply pulled it over my head and undressed beneath it. In the heat of the night, I tossed my sleeping bag aside, confident that I had a barrier between me and everything and everyone else. In the morning I snuck off to the creek, tied my hem in a knot, and gave myself a thorough washing below.


But could I do better? I could make it lighter, warmer, and dry faster:
I could devise a simple method of hitching it up to avoid surface conditions; I could add some sort of pocket to keep my toilet paper and biodegradable soap in; a footbox would aid getting everything straight before dozing off; a hood could be added to preserve heat (and hide bed-head in the morning ha ha); a light zipper could be employed instead of multiple pearl shell buttons! Flat seams; zipper cap; hook & loop that doesn't snag fabric; and supersoft edging.


These three little words all say 'a cloud of comfort' to me.

I've done the testing!


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  1. Freshen Up!
    Give your face and hands a wipe. It's part of preparing your body and your mind for bed. Plus it'll keep your pillow fresher. (If you are wearing the Unightie you can reach your underparts too.)
  2. Dim the lights!
    If just closing your eyes doesn't work for you, bring an eye mask. (Or pull the Unightie hood over your eyes.)
  3. Warm up your den!
    Fill a water bottle with hot water and throw it in your bag before you get in. You can drink the water in the morning. (The Unightie footbox allows you tuck in your feet too.)
  4. Get your head in the clouds!
    Give your pillow special thought and attention. Some say they just wad up their extra clothes, but trust me, you'll sleep more soundly if you take the time to cradle your head in your special way. Everyone is different: I like to take a mini pillowcase and stuff it with my puffy jacket. (We are developing a Unightie pillow case that allows you to do just that.)
  5. Minimize Awake Time!
    When you gotta pee, get out and get back quickly. If you have to fight to get in and out of your sleeping bag, you are wearing the wrong clothes. If you have to take something off, or put something on for the trip, you'll get frustrated. (The Unightie preserves heat for a short jaunt.) ]


Master Your Mood
Now that I'm getting a good sleep in the outdoors, I began to wonder what effect a bad sleep has. Turns out, that lack of sleep not only effects you physically.

"Sleep deprivation … appeared to have the least effect on motor tasks, a greater effect on cognitive tasks, and an even greater effect on mood. (However, the average effect size for motor tasks is still considered to be a large experimental effect.) Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Performance: A Meta-Analysis, June J. Pilcher and Allen 1. Huffcutt, Department of Psychology, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. USA

So I figure, not only can you not walk as far, and have a hard time figuring out where you are, now you're pissed about it! ]