About the Unightie

Modesty, Cleanliness, Intimacy, Warmth, and Elimination: The Unightie was developed out of the frustration of dealing with  body maintenance issues away from home.

We Have One Goal

A good night's sleep
is paramount to the enjoyment of any adventure.

Unightie is dedicated to helping you get it. Here’s what Two Blondes Walking has to say.


The Unightie system of wearable liner and stuffable pillow case helps you get the sleep you need to face your daytime challenges. 4-way stretch lets you sleep in all the crazy positions you’ve come to love. There’s a utility pocket to stash toilet paper, biodegradable soap, and your phone; a hood to preserve heat; flatlock seams; reversible zipper; supersoft edging; and a footbox to get everything straight before dozing off.


Use the reversible zipper to make use of the portable cabana function. Simply pull the Unightie over your head and undress/re-dress beneath it. In the heat of the night, toss your sleeping bag aside, confident of a barrier between you and everything (and everyone) else. In the morning sneak down to the creek, engage the hitchup feature, and give yourself a thorough washing below.


These three little words mean ‘a cloud of comfort’. Bamboo for softness. Cotton for loft. And spandex for four-way stretch. Protect your Unightie from moisture as you would your sleeping bag. Learn more about the Unightie here.