Video Gallery

Let us show you what we’ve done – as captured by Mason Lindquist @masontlindquist except where noted

Unightie Rises

Play hard. Sleep soft.
A day in the life of Madison’s Unightie | June 2021

Invincible Lake

Day Hike | July 2021

James Walker Creek

Spray Valley Provincial Park
Day Hike | June 2021

Old Baldy Pass

Elbow – Sheep Wildland Provincial Park, Alberta
Day hike  | June 2021

Lake Minnewanka

Ghost Wilderness to Lake Minnewanka Dam, Alberta
3-day backpack  | May 2021

Barnaby Ridge

Castle Wildland Provincial Park, Alberta
6-day backpack | August 2020

Floe Lake Approach

Kootenay National Park
3-Day Backpack | November 2020

Piper Pass

Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park, Alberta
3-day backpack |  August 2020

Jewel Pass

Kananaskis Country, AB
Day hike | March 2020

Explore Magazine Reviews the Unightie

Unightie Wearable Sleeping Bag Liner | Full Test & Review

Limestone Lakes

Height of the Rockies Provincial Park, British Columbia
6-day backpack  | July 2020

Arnica/Twin Lakes

Banff National Park, Alberta
Day hike | October 2020

Yamnuska Traverse

Bow Valley Provincial Park, Alberta
Day hike | June 2020

Pocaterra Ridge

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta
Day hike | September 2020

Sleep Deprivation

A goodnight’s sleep is paramount
Unightie Series | September 2019

The Trekking Nightie

Unightie Series | July 2019

Sleeping Naked

Sleeping Bag Development
Unightie Series | September 2019

Sleeping Bag Liners

An analysis
Unightie Series | April 2021