The bag liner with benefits!


Squat, wash, cuddle, and dream pretty much covers the reasons I went on a mission to perfect a sleeping solution for backpacking. Now enjoyed by backpackers, campers, cruisers, cabin/lodge/hut dwellers, and world trekkers.

You know that a good night’s sleep is critical.


Better than a Sleeping Bag Liner

  • goes with you when nature calls
  • keeps you warm while you bathe
  • facilitates intimacy

Body Care Solution

  • warm, clean, modest

Wherever You Sleep

  • bivouac, hammock, tent, hut/cabin, camper, hostel, motel/hotel, cruise

Wicking, Insulating,  Dreamy fabric

  • 63% Bamboo 27% Cotton 10% Spandex
Unightie Schematic not a Sleeping bag liner

CAUTION: Do not walk with feet in footbox. And no matter how much you love your Unightie, never hike in it!



  • slim fit / raglan sleeves
  • flatlock seams
  • calculated stride

Form-fitting Hood

  • retains heat / zipper shield

Hitch-up Magnets

  • tack up hem to avoid surface conditions

Reversible Zipper

  • unzips from inside & outside

Utility Pocket

  • store toilet paper, soap, phone, hands

Handy Loops

  • thumb, hanging & zipper loops

Convenient Foot Box

  • aligns sleep system / keeps toes cozy

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Unightie Size Guide

Your height

Your height


154–163 cm

5’1” – 5’4”

S / 353g

164–171 cm

5’5” – 5’7”

M / 366g

172–183 cm

5’8” – 6’0”

L / 446g

184–195 cm

6’1” – 6’5”

XL / 469g

The Unightie is Slim Fit. All pillow cases are 11″ x 15″ and 41 grams.

* Shipped as a regular parcel by Canada Post


a goodnight's sleep is paramount to the enjoyment of any adventure

You can survive 3 minutes without breathable air. You can survive 3 hours in a harsh environment. You can survive 3 days without water.

How long can you survive without sleep? Sleep deprivation is insidious, and somewhat imperceptible as your reasoning gets more and more impaired. Lack of sleep causes:

  • irritability
  • impaired judgement and decision-making
  • altered perception
  • memory deficits
  • vision and hearing impairment
  • decreased hand-eye coordination
  • increased muscle tension and tremors
Madison in the clouds without a Sleeping bag liner

Lightweight Breathable

Warm & Wicking

Protects your sleeping bag

Replaces your bag liner

Bamboo, Cotton & Spandex

4-way Stretch

"Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole."~ Coleridge


How do I care for my Unightie?

Prepare your Unightie for laundering by zipping it up, folding up the hem to allow magnets to engage, and placing in a large mesh laundry bag. Then toss it in the washer & dryer with your other stuff.

For best results


What Unightonians are saying

Who would have thought a simple sleeping garment could make such a positive impact on my backcountry sleeping experience!
Dale Sorensen
Candoo without a Sleeping bag liner
I love how this sleeping bag liner moves with you and the fabric is so soft and warm!
Candace Bourque
Brenda's Cruise
I wear my Unightie on cruises...perfect to go down for my morning coffee or toss over my swim suit to go to the pool.
Brenda Bourgaize

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I just had my first experience with real winter camping in the Unightie. It is a bit counter-intuitive to strip down to nothing in a -8C tent but when I put the Unightie on, it was instant relief from the cold. When I slipped into my bag, it was instant comfort. Aside from socks, I had no need to wear any other undergarments. Even the hood is amazing and kept my head warm. The Unightie is essentially a liner you wear. But much more cozy than a liner, much easier to sleep in and move in. It’s a garment you wear to go outside, do your business, then return to tuck back into your bag without losing precious warmth. You can even wear in front of others. Ever since I got my Unightie in early November, I’ve been sleeping in it, lounging in it, and loving it. Such a perfect garment.

    Dale Sorensen
    Reluctant Winter Camper

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