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How much does the Unightie weigh?

My Unightie weighs 316 gm and it is an extra small. We considered an artificial fibre to lighten your load, but in the interest of comfort, we have selected a supple and moisture wicking blend of rayon from bamboo, cotton, and spandex. All fasteners and trim have been scrutinized to use as little as possible without sacrificing functionality.

Lightweight Sleeping bag liner

What is the volume of the Unightie?

To give you an idea of volume, we stuffed my Unightie in a 1 litre Smart bottle. If you choose to fold it the size of its pillow case, you’ll get an 11″ x 15″ rectangle less than 1 inch high.

I stuff mine inside my sleeping bag because both should be protected from moisture; also I won’t dislodge it when rummaging around in my clothes as the weather changes.

How do I wash my Unightie?​

Prepare your Unightie for laundering by zipping it up and engaging the hitchup magnets. Place the Unightie loosely in a large mesh laundry bag.
I launder my Unightie in warm water using  Seventh Generation Free & Clear detergent. Then I put it in the dryer. I am very happy with the results!
Engagling magnets without a Sleeping bag liner
video by Mason Lindquist

Is my Unightie too long?​

The Unightie has been designed for sleeping, so you should be able to comfortably tuck your feet in the footbox. It may feel a little long walking around as with any full length garment. For a dash to the biffy or creek, engage the hitchup magnets to avoid snagging and tripping.

Tucking In without a Sleeping bag liner
video by Mason Lindquist

Can I wear the Unightie while I’m hiking?

The Unightie is designed primarily as a sleeping garment. Do not attempt to hike, climb, cycle or engage in any activities other than sleeping, washing, intimacy, and bio breaks. The stride however has been given a lot of scrutiny and is calculated to give you a good enough step to get up to an outhouse like the one at Fryatt hut – steep, rocky, and rooty!

Stride of Unightie
video by Mason Lindquist

Can you build more pockets into the Unightie?

Although the design is modest enough to join others for coffee in the morning, the Unightie is designed primarily for backcountry sleeping, short trips to the privy, and giving yourself a wash. Therefore, in the interest of weight, we have provided one pocket sized to carry a moderate quantity of toilet articles for minimal body care – toilet paper, biodegradable soap – and perhaps your cell phone. Keep a pee hanky or wad of toilet paper in the pocket at night so you’re ready to go!

Lightweight Sleeping bag liner

Is the Unightie waterproof? Fireproof?

The Unightie is breathable and absorbent to envelope your body in a cloud of comfort and is therefore not waterproof. If you have to go out in the rain or snow, pull over your rain jacket or poncho.

Do not sit too close to the fire; the Unightie is not fireproof.

Do you have plus sizes?

Our sizes range from extra-short to extra-tall, based on a BMI of 18-26. Order the Unightie according to your height. If you prefer more width, order a longer one.