What we've heard about Unightie

Where have you been in your Unightie? How have the features helped you? We appreciate your feedback

I have tried ALL the functions the Unightie was designed for, and I wouldn’t leave on a backpack trip without it!

Madison Isenor
Madison Tent Ridge without a Sleeping bag liner
As a hiking guide, I have found the Unightie to be my favourite piece of gear! So versatile and well thought out!
Susan Twitchell
This piece was truly perfect and what I needed to leave the hospital in...and get back on the trail.
Kristi Fondren
Took mine to Spain in October. Loved it especially in the dorm rooms. The hood is nice to pull over your eyes to block out some noise and light at siesta time.
Karyn Murray
Brenda's Cruise
I wear my Unightie on cruises...perfect to go down for my morning coffee or toss over my swim suit to go to the pool.
Brenda Bourgaize
Chris has no Sleeping bag liner
When the dog wants to go out at night, I really appreciate the Unightie to retain the heat we've got stoked.
Chris Gheran
Lesley has no Sleeping bag liner
Highly recommended addition to a multi-day backpack...The footbox is delightful...a beautifully made garment with so many little extra touches.
Lesley Hawe
My Unightie keeps me warm and it was so easy to get out and hop back in to my sleeping bag without losing my mind finding the opening of my liner!
Maila Leoncito
Who would have thought a simple sleeping garment could make such a positive impact on my backcountry sleeping experience!
Dale Sorensen
I have been rolling around my house all day in it!!! I got it at the farmers market this past weekend. Love the foot boxes!!
Jeni Price Desilets
Trish has no Sleeping bag liner
I'm highly amused in the mornings as I wander my kitchen getting stuck to the dishwasher, stove and fridge. That ain't gonna happen in the woods I remind myself! I've had the best sleeps since I have worn the Unightie.
Trish Huesken
Selena Cocoons without a Sleeping bag liner
just waking up after my first Unightie sleep and it’s a good thing I’m not likely to see another human outside this house because I’m pretty sure this baby isn’t coming off til Monday... swaddled in a happy little cocoon.
Selena Ronnquist
I love the Unightie! I've now been wearing mine for 24 hrs, and I can already tell that I'm going to spend my winter in its soft, cozy confines. I slept in it last night!
Corin Raymond
Kim Cramb
Thanks for making an awesome unique item that we will get much use from!
Kim Cramb